Titan Residential Concept

North Charleston, SC


Titan Atlas Manufacturing (TAM) is an efficient and revolutionary building solution for low rise buildings both locally and abroad. The TAM Panel System consits of a welded-wire space frame integrated with polystyrene insulation core (EPS). The reinfocement/insulation module (RIM) is shop fabricated with highly automated equipment to ensure consistent dimentional control and high quality welding. The wall panel is placed in position with wythes of shotcrete applied to both sides. The result is a strong, stiff, light-weight, three-dimensional truss system that can be used for walls, floors, roofs, and diaphrams in buildings and for various other applications.

Berenyi Incorporated is proud to work with Titan Atlas by providing construction and general contractor services for one of the first TAM homes to be built. This specific project is a two-story town home being built in North Charleston, South Carolina.


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